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Автор Тема: ZoneAlarm AntiSpyware 7.0.473.000  (Прочитано 2489 раз)

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ZoneAlarm AntiSpyware 7.0.473.000
« : 24 Апреля 2008, 20:34:51 »
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  • ZoneAlarm AntiSpyware 7.0.473.000

    ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware provides multi-layered security to prevent spyware form infecting your computer and to detect and remove spyware that’s already present on your system. ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware - Essential protection from spyware and hackers! Key Benefits of ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware:
    * Triple Defense Firewall™ - Goes beyond traditional PC firewalls to protect your entire PC from hackers, spyware, and other Internet threats.
    - Blocks hackers from gaining access to your computer
    - Automatically makes your computer invisible to anyone on the Internet
    - Prevents spyware from sending your personal information across the Internet
    - Protects your programs and operating system from malware
    - The only firewall that can protect the most vulnerable parts of your computer from low-level “silent attacks”, as noted by CNET* (*CNET, July 18 2005: “Protects the Windows core registry and system files from kernel-level malicious attacks. No other desktop firewall can claim that.”)
    * Powerful Anti-Spyware - Scans for and removes thousands of spyware traces from your computer.
    - Automatically removes the most dangerous and useless spyware for you
    - “Clears” legitimate monitoring software (such as cookies for Web sites you use frequently) so it doesn’t get picked up in every spyware scan
    * SmartDefense Service - Provides your PC with real-time security updates and new attack protection capabilities.
    - SmartDefense Advisor automatically adjusts your security settings for maximum protection against the latest virus and spyware outbreaks
    - DefenseNet keeps your PC security updated from the latest spyware and malware using information supplied by our ZoneAlarm user community
    * Essential Email Security - Quarantines suspicious attachments to help defend against unknown viruses; automatically halts outbound messages to keep you from accidentally infecting others.
    * Wireless PC Protection - Automatically detects wireless networks and secures your PC from hackers and other Internet threats wherever you’re connected—at home or on the road.
    Changes in ZoneAlarm version 7.0.470.000:
    * Usability improvements:
    o Fixed the issue where in some cases the client would “lose” settings, causing user to respond to alerts that otherwise would not appear
    o Prevent unnecessary error dialog to be displayed for non-Admin users
    o Client can now be started in safe mode (with networking only) for antivirus scan and removal
    * Compatibility improvements:
    o Enable content filtering and privacy when ForceField is active
    o Fixed the Spy Doctor Gate to only gate for 5.0 and earlier
    o Free ZoneAlarm firewall and ZoneAlarm Pro can now co-exist with Kaspersky AV
    * Various other stability and performance improvements

    Note: these notes also apply to ZoneAlarm Pro, ZoneAlarm AntiVirus and ZoneAlarm (free firewall) when applicable. For example, improvements to anti-spyware do not apply to our AntiVirus product, but do apply to Suite and Pro that both include anti-spyware features.

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