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Автор Тема: Sim2-OpenPLi-4 based images with Gstreamer 1.7.2_2016-02-#84d-Jasper-20160221  (Прочитано 2903 раз)

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Clean, no changes.



################################################## #######################################
Hi there friends,

Today gstreamer 1.7.2 was released so I did a mass rebuild.

I also tested playback of local files and they're working fine here.

Tested on both on my Dreambox DM800 Se and my GM Spark Triplex (spark7162).

These images were built using the original openpli-oe-core repository that used to be branched as "gst-1".

However since that branch doesn't exist anymore I manually synced it with the "master" branch as of today.

Furthermore there are some additions of my own:

- Ships with gstreamer upstream master git (currently tagged 1.7.2) with the following patches applied:





- A nice pre-installed list of public IPTV streams thanks to the Japhar Team.

- Every receiver uses christophecvr's multibox dvbmediasink.

- All receivers with flash larger than 64MB (basically non-Dreambox receivers) ship with gstreamer1.0-libav by default.

- Libsoup has been updated to 2.52 (from master-next).
- Using libtrmp and rtmpdump from Taapat's tree (which is in sync with master-next).

- Using ffmpeg 2.8.6 from Taapat's tree (which is in sync with master-next), replacing libav.
- Some small enigma2 patches for Dreambox receivers (ac3/dts bypass and blanking on zap support).
These are only applied for Dreambox receivers.
- AAC to AC3 transcoding V2 by mx3L (requires a fast cpu).
- IPTV Player from samsamsam included (thx to Athoik for the recipe).
- Large list of public IPTV streams included thanks to the Japhar Team.
- Updated libcdio and cdtextinfo for audio-cd support by christophecvr.
- DM800Se, DM7020HD and DM800SeV2 driver upgraded to 20151201:
added si2166b blindscan support.
- Using aio-grab from Taapat's tree (which is in sync with master-next).

- Added extra images for: DM800HD, DM7020HDv2, DM800SeV2, DM500HDv2, Atemio Nemesis, Spark7111 and Spark7162 (thanks to Taapat).

- No builds for Wetek.

- jpeg8 replaced by libturbojpeg0_8d+1.4.2 (from master-next).

- libgif upgraded to 5.1.2 (from Taapat's tree), this required a small enigma2 patch.

- Added fusedav and sshfs packages to the feeds.

- Oscam bumped to rev. 11211 with joeuser's patch (stream-relay).

- opencore-amr upgraded to 0.1.3 which is required for gstreamer 1.7 (thanks to Beeker for letting me know).

- Added a special task to compress some binaries right before the do_package_write_ipk with UPX.

This will give us some more free space for those 64MB Dreambox receivers.

- Some more packages backported from master-next and a few other things I forgot about...


- If you get corrupted jpeg images on spark/spark7162 the hardware decoder is not working for you, simply login using telnet and type:

rm -f /usr/lib/libmme_host.so

Then restart enigma2 and they should display fine

- Zram is now disabled by default on spark/spark7162, if would like to use it anyways, simply login using telnet and type:

touch /etc/gimme-zram

Then reboot your receiver.

- DM800 first boot will take a while, please be patient. The next boot will be faster.
- On some Zgemma Star models (like sh1 for example) you cannot use full HD skins.
This is a hardware/driver limitation.
Please don't try it, it will crash enigma2.
- Some Dreambox remotes may behave very sensitive.
This causes button presses to register multiple times instead of just once.
As a workaround you can adjust the key interval:
Go to: Menu - System - Input devices - dreambox remote control (native).
Set "Change repeat and delay settings" to yes.
Set "Interval between keys when repeating:" to 200ms or 300ms.
Press green button (OK).
Now set the same delay for: "dreambox advanced remote control (native)" as well.

- Some Dreambox receivers only feature 64MB of flash space.

Also gstreamer 1.7 takes up much more space compared to 0.10.

I've tried my best to gain some more free space but you'll have to do it with ~5MB to play with.

I advice you to first do a software upgrade to get the latest gstreamer packages before you install your favorite plugins/cams.

I'd like to thank everyone for testing out my images and giving me feedback for improvements.

Special thanks goes out to ones helping me out understanding various things, in particular the following members for their contributions to OpenPLi and helping me out:

- Taapat (for his contributions and answering the many questions regarding my fulan BSP)

- Christophecvr (for his contribtions and helping me merging sh4 support into his multibox-dvbmediasink)

- mx3L (for his contributions)

- Beeker (for his contributions)

- Athoik (for his contributions)

- betacentauri (for his contributions)

- Japhar Team (for supplying us with web-hosting and IPTV Streams)

And of course the PLi team for keeping their sources and recipes as clean as possible and doing a great job supporting their users!

My apologies if I forgot to mention someone, you know who you are :)

This will be my last public image based on OpenPLi-4.

Now I can start playing with master-next as well and I may publish public PLi-5 testing images in the future, but don't wait for it since my time is limited ;)

Have fun!


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